Why 24/42?

Why 24/42? Because 24 is the ONLY NUMBER (and its scale fractal values (*10^n)) whose reciprocal value (.041666 ≈ .042) rounds to its palindrome AND whose ratio versus palindrome (when equilibrated to the same order of magnitude): (24/42 and 42/24, is equal to ANOTHER PALINDROME and RECIPROCAL "Mirrored" Pair: .571 and 1.75. This EXTREMELY UNIQUE mirrored characteristic can be found NOWHERE ELSE in the entire Universe of Number. Add this to the fact that 4*3*2 = 24 and that 2+4 = 6, also known as the "Perfect" Number because its factors also sum to its value (6). 24 is THE number that creates 'Four-Fold' (Mirrored) Quaternion Symmetry (One 'Real' Plane + Three Imaginary Planes of numbers) inherent to Trigonometry and is therefore the basis of the Prime Number pattern and logarithmic distribution. Therefore, (excluding Primes 2 and 3): Prime (n^2) ARE ALWAYS equal to a multiple of 24 + 1 infinitely (and without exception). Talal Ghannam PhD and I wrote a proof of this in our publication (Numberphile also made a short Youtube video substantiating this proof a few months after its first publication in June of 2018 on Archive.org): 'The Accurate and Infinite Prediction of Prime Numbers Using the Novel Quasi Prime Methodology', which can be found on Cornell University's website: ArXiv.org.

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