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The 'Extended' Tree of Life Creates the Golden Ratio Lines of Metatron's Cube

Another find and realization! The ‘Extended’ Tree of Life creates the Golden Ratio (φ) lines of Metatron’s Cube, from which, all geometry emerges. The Metatron φ lines (36° and 72°) are fundamental to hyper-dimensionality and the multidimensional perspective that can be found and utilized in Metatron’s Cube, (which DaVinci reportedly worked extensively with this particularly geometry). The Merger of the Pentagon and Hexagon; the convergence of rational and the irrational. Art meets Science; the left brain and the right brain. To ACCEPT polarity is to TRANSCEND it. The Pentagon brings the emotional and creative element to the marriage of the 5 and the 6. Geometry is so beautiful and amazing...

Artwork by RG.

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