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Robert Grant Interview: Mathematical Breakthroughs, Egypt, A.I, Cybernetics, & Consciousness

Robert Edward Grant did a second extensive interview with podcast host, Matt Belair, published Jan 8, 2020. (you can find their 1st interview, from June, 2018 here)

In this interview they discuss:

Mathematics as a language Taking the journey of self-exploration We attract what we judge in life Math as the most objective science Roberts thoughts on world peace Learning to see another's perspective The need for more empathy Speaking at the Vatican in 2019 Speaking with the Dalai Lama in 2019 Meyers Briggs Making peace with your opposites The sin isn’t the problem it is the shame Prime Number Prediction Eye technology that will allow you to record your life’s experiences Moore’s Law Time is the ultimate unit of scarcity Discoveries in Egypt Reciprocal Mirroring of Prime Numbers Richard Feynman and 137 The extended tree of life findings The great pyramid Integrating the heart brain The work of Alan Green We’ve taken the heart out of science Robert's Courses Robert's recommended 3 books "The Mystery of Numbers" by Talal Ghannam "Cosmometry" by Marshall Lefferts "The Numerical Universe" by Anthony Morris

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