Quaternion Symmetry Inherent to the Icositetragon - Publication

Our next white paper publication in Mathematics (specifically Number Theory) is going up tomorrow regarding my further research on the Icositetragon (24-gon) geometry.

The recent discovery of Quasi-Primes and a novel Prime Prediction algorithm of last month likewise emerged from in-depth review of this interesting polygonal alignment of integers.

This new white paper explores the deeper elements and patterns of this specific geometric polygonal alignment of integers and highlights the discovery of quaternion symmetry, namely, ‘quadripolarity’ and its inherent self-organization symmetry.

The paper is therefore titled ‘Quaternion Symmetry Inherent to the Icositetragon’ and we believe it may have fundamental implications on the continued evolution (and ongoing discovery) of the unified mathematics that must underpin any emerging model for unified physics.

Our next publication, already well underway, will be on the pattern that we have identified unifying the transcendental (irrational) constants such as Pi, Euler, Phi and Alpha, among others along a wave of electromagnetism and also adherent to this very same Icositetragonal alignment of integers.

I would like to thank Alex Asdourian who has worked tirelessly on this effort as my research assistant on loan from Chapman University.

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