NOW is a time for CHANGE

NOW is a time for CHANGE. A time for EVOLUTION. A time to UNITE. A time to replace the JUDGEMENT of our fellow humanity with ACCEPTANCE and LOVE. This moment in time marks THE COLLAPSE of hatred, oppression and duality, the END of separation consciousness. The END of generational racism, all forms of exploitation and abuse, and the TERMINUS of emotional and physical violence; The DISSOLUTION of all manifestations of bigotry, bias, sexism, creed-oriented oppression and gender inequality. The END of GOVERNMENTAL and CORPORATE CORRUPTION; The END of ‘NATION AGAINST NATION’. Now is the time to CONVERGE and RISE EMPOWERED as the UNITED PEOPLE of this beautiful planet Earth ENTRUSTED to our CARE. A time to come together and HEAL as a world REBORN. Let’s Go. Now is the time to ASCEND and RISE. NOW IS THE TIME. Are you ready? Forward and Share this Post to All Eyes that See...

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