New Geometry: Irregular Elevated Dodecahedron

An Irregular Elevated Dodecahedron? With 60 sides/triangular faces this structure has the feel of both a dodecahedron and an Icosahedron. Strangely, a variation of this structure I made today is able to perfectly 'close' despite having irregular pentagonal clusters (which I deliberately tried in the hunt for more yet undiscovered Pentagonal polyhedra). In this novel test structure, each pentagon 'elevated' cluster is made up of 4 equilateral triangles and 1 Isosceles Triangle 1.08x the length of the other four sides of the pentagonal 'elevated' cluster. The question I am still pondering is why this structure is able to close perfectly? Theoretically, it shouldn't.....🧐....The external angle of the pentagon is 108°

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