How Blockchain Will Empower Personal Data Sovereignty & Save Democracy

In this podcast from Digital Wealth News, DWealthMuse host, Dara Albright and special guest, Robert Edward Grant, Chairman and CEO of Crown Sterling Limited, a leader in personal data sovereignty, discuss how blockchain can empower personal data sovereignty and, in doing so, save democracy.

Highlights include:

• Why data is the most valuable asset today – despite defying the scarcity principle; • The rightful owner of “We the People’s” data is “We the People”; • How to protect our data and restore control to the data originator; • How providing a means for “We the People” to monetize our rightfully owned data could help create a sustainable means of some form of universal income; • How to NFT one’s data and monetize it; • Blockchain’s role in fostering Personal Data Sovereignty and saving democracy; • How the founding fathers would have used blockchain. Listen to the podcast HERE.

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