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‘Language of Light’ Advanced Course Special Guest Speaker Tomorrow...Alan Green —Master Decoder and Pyramid Mathematician...

When you discover new writing in the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid, who are you going to call first? Well, I called Nassim first but the very next person I called was Alan Green. Like me, he has spent years studying the Great Pyramid and it’s mathematical proportions and constancies with astounding depth and precision.

Well, yesterday I had the privilege of spending the ENTIRE day with Alan Green in his studio in Hollywood (we literally went until very late in the evening). As expected, it was an amazing and enlightening experience. He is a brilliant mathematician and author of “Dee-Coding Shakespeare — To be...”. It is safe to say, we were both “mind blown” by each other’s wholly separate approaches to our mathematical endeavors but with remarkably similar outcomes when it relates to the Pyramid and the constants. We were very fast and very familiar friends...

I am thrilled he will be joining the course tomorrow in person from my offices in Newport Beach, CA.

Don’t forget to sign up now for the ‘Language of Light’ Advanced Course Curriculum! The first of this advanced series begins tomorrow at 2pm Pacific Time...

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