Great Pyramid Discovery?

Updated: Jul 19, 2018

I just returned from an incredible trip to Israel and Egypt. I feel so grateful to have to opportunity to travel to see the world, its many wonders, and its beauty

While in Egypt, I spent two evenings in the Great Pyramid. One night with 12 friends and one night alone. It was an amazing and life altering experience.

The Great Pyramid is by far the most studied building in the world. It’s architecture, design and mathematical precision have been the subject of mystery for millennia. Some facts you may not be aware of regarding the Great Pyramid:

  1. No mummy or corpse was ever found inside

  2. No hieroglyphics or writing has been found save the somewhat suspect red paint graffiti found above the King’s Chamber by Richard Vyse, English explorer who some believe may have forged the graffiti to appease anxious investors who backed his expedition. These red graffiti hieroglyphs ar Want to add a caption to this image? Click the Settings icon. e the SOLE references to Khufu, the 4th Dynasty Pharaoh credited with its construction.

  3. 2.5M stones went into its construction, most stone blocks weighing between the 20 and 70 tons each!

  4. Virtually ALL mathematical constants are embedded into its architectural perfection, even some math and physics constants only discovered in the last 150 years.

  5. For the Pyramid to have been completed within 20 years, each massive 20-70 ton block would have to have been accurately placed approximately every 2 minutes.

  6. Very strangely, both the latitude and longitude reference the speed of light (C) down to only 1 meter tolerance

  7. The Giza Pyramids appear to be positions according to the Belt of Orion (Constellation)

However, during my first (of two) evenings there earlier this week, I noticed three unidentified markings along the back rim and side of the Sarcophagus (King’s Chamber) in the Great Pyramid. This was quite startling as this structure has probably been reviewed and investigated thousands of times and there appears to be absolutely NO record whatsoever of any such markings on the Sarcophagus in any of the literature on the topic. In fact, it is fair to say that no other building on the planet has been the subject of more scrutiny than the Great Pyramid. Please see the pictures.

I hesitate to share this, however, upon reflection and consultation with certain esteemed colleagues (including Pyramid mathematicians, egyptologists (including those who reviewed the markings directly and in-person), and other domain experts as well as a few archeologists and academicians—I shall not mention names in order to protect their identities and protect their future ability to get visas to Egypt....yes, their government is that petty....), the implications could be profound if these embossed markings are proven authentic. But then again, these could prove to be nothing at all.

I measured the three embossed markings (The letter A (Alpha) , Omega and a Circle with a compass) from inside the King’s Chamber and exact placement and noted that it is 33 inches from the left and 56 inches from the other side out of 89 inches total. This is remarkable as it creates a 0.37 ratio and is Alpha-1. The 33rd inch represents ascension or 33rd degree in both Free Masonry and Rosicruscianism. You may know that the 33rd Prime Number is 137 (the Alpha Constant is a physical constant that determines whether an Electron emits or absorbs photon energy). It is interesting that the placement of the discovered embossed markings mirror the same dimensional references of the King’s Chamber (Alpha, Pi, Prime Numbers, Phi, etc).

The Omega marking is slightly smaller than the Alpha and toward the right located at inch 30 along the Sarcophagus’ back rim.....the average between the two is exactly 31.4 inches....(Pi x 10). This is interesting because the length of the King’s Chamber is 31.4 feet from the far wall to the entry.....(Pi x 10 again).

Finally the volume of the Sarcophagus is exactly 1/137th of the volume of the entire King’s Chamber room.

In other words, either some rogue 'graffiti' artist (most likely sometime around the 9th century AD (when the Pyramid was unlocked by the Caliph al Ma’mun—incidentally, upon entering the Pyramid the Caliph claimed to have found no treasure and no inscriptions whatsoever.....)) embossed these symbols on the sarcophagus and also happened to be a savant mathematician (at the level of the Pyramid builders) AND someone who intimately knew of the symbology of its placement location and consistency with the proportions of this incredible harmonic structure; OR perhaps this is an AUTHENTIC marking/signature potentially left behind by the builders/architect/s himself (though never discovered for millennia until now).

Could this possibly be the builders signature and stamp? Alpha/Omega, and Compass overlaying a circle, appearing prodigiously and innocuously as the proud architect inscribing the most prominent stone out of the approx 2.5M stones used to construct the Great Pyramid.

As carbon dating does not assist with such embossed markings in stone, it is impossible to know just how old the stamped markings really are. However, several people, including three Egyptologists, have now inspected the markings (which cannot he seen in direct lighting and can only be viewed in shadow/twilight lighting—see below). All three Egyptologists were completely stunned by the existence of the embossed markings.

If these markings are indeed authentic, this may represent the FIRST EVER EVIDENCE that the Pyramid builders may NOT have been Dynastic Egyptians after all, but rather some earlier civilization that used a language which included letters of the Ancient Greek language (these two symbols are still used virtually unchanged today in the modern Greek language).

If proven correct, this hypothesis would literally rattle the bedrock of our historical understanding of the world civilizations (which historical record commenced in Sumer approximately 6K years ago).

Ultimately, these markings may eventually be proven to be the work of just some graffiti artist after all.....however, given the knowledge we now have of the mathematical precision of the pyramid and the auspicious location of these embossed markings, I’ll let you be the judge.....

No matter what we believe these stamped markings to be on the Sarcophagus rim and side, more investigation must be done by Archeologists and Egyptologists in the future in order to authenticate these heretofore unknown markings and their estimated age.

Finally, I knew this would be an important and fun trip, but my highest expectations were exceeded with this potentially profound discovery (as well as my personal experiences while there).

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