Fractal Roots in Right Triangles

A Right Triangle with a Hypotenuse of 4.32 and a Base of 1/.432 will have a height of equivalent to 1/(1/(φ^2)+1)^4) = 3.647....this can be expressed in inches as: 4 and 5/16; 3 and 10/16; and 2 and 5/16 expressing both 4-3-2 (again) and yielding the 516 combination of Light (360°x0.516) = 186° (Light Speed in Miles/Sec in Degrees). And 432^2 = Light Speed in Miles/Second. It also expresses a 316 combination that is the "Fractal Root of 1" (3.16227766 x 0.316227766)...... To learn about Fractal Roots read our publication titled "The Fractal Root of Numbers"

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